• English Language Arts

    Program Overview
    1. Targeted Grades: K–12

    2. Time Commitment:
      • Group program - 2 hours per week
      • Prime Plus 1-to-1 program - 2 hours per week
      • Prime 1-to-1 program - 1.5 hours per week

    3. Student to Teacher Ratio:
      • 1-to-1 program
      • Small Group program (minimum of 3 students and maximum of 8 students)

    4. Location: At our site (946 Washington St., Dorchester), or your local library, community center, or in your home
  • Our English Language Arts program consists of the following three facets: Reading Comprehension, Grammar (Language Mechanics), and Writing. This course is offered at the Targeted and Supplemental Level.

    The Targeted Instruction program is ideal for students performing below grade level who are in need of remedial instruction. The student is given an assessment at the start of the program to determine his or her strengths and weaknesses. Based on the result of the assessment, a “Student Learning Plan” (SLP) is created with timelines to accomplish each goal. To measure progress, the student will receive pre-test and post-tests throughout the program. The goal of the program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to master advanced concepts and to perform on grade level. Parents and teacher receive feedback frequently.

    The Supplemental Support program is ideal for students performing on grade level. This program is designed to complement and reinforce the school-day curriculum. ACLC tutors work collaboratively with the school-day instructional staff in selecting the curricular topics and strategies to be covered. Ongoing communication with the student’s school-day teacher informs the instructional plan and allows for continuous feedback and alignment. Parents receive feedback frequently.

    • Sliding Scale

      We offer sliding scale prices, call to see if you qualify (a limited number of slots are available).

    • Scholarships

      We offer student scholarships toward our “on-site” group programming tutorial services (a limited number of slots are available).

    • Supplemental Small Group

      Small group instruction for Supplemental Support Program is only available if students are from the same school and in the same grade.

  • Have a Question about ELA Tutorial Pricing?

    Give our office a call.