Program Overview
    1. Targeted Grades: 11–12

    2. Time Commitment:
      • One-to-one: 2-hours per week (offered year-around)
      • Group 8-Week Session 3 hours per session (call our office for session dates)

    3. Student to Teacher Ratio:
      • 1-to-1 program (1-student and 1-instructor)
      • Small Group program (minimum of 3 students and maximum of 8 students)

    4. Program Includes:
      • 1:1 Program - 2 Practice test, 2-hours.
      • Group Program - 2 Practice test, Eight - 3 hour classroom sessions
      • Curriculum workbooks included.
    1. Location: 
      • All group sessions are held at our office site (946 Washington St., Dorchester)
      • One-to-one sessions have the option of being held at our office site or “off” site (i.e. local library, community center, or in-home).
  • ACLC’s SAT and ACT Prep Course prepares students to take the SAT and ACT exam which is a globally recognized college admission test that lets you show colleges what you know and how well you can apply that knowledge. Each exam test your knowledge of reading, writing and math — subjects that are taught every day in high school classrooms. Our courses utilize practice tools and tests as they relate to all sections of the official SAT and ACT Reasoning Test.

    Our curriculum has been updated to prepare students for the re-designed SAT.

    • Sliding Scale

      We offer sliding scale prices, call to see if you qualify (a limited number of slots are available).

    • Scholarships

      We offer student scholarships toward our “on-site” group programming tutorial services (a limited number of slots are available).

  • Have a Question about ISEE/SSAT Pricing?

    Give our office a call.