Program Overview
    1. Targeted Grades: 5–8

    2. Time Commitment:
      • One-to-one - 2-hours per week or 1.5-hours per week (offered year-around)
      • Group 8-Week Session One: 3 hours per week (9/10/16 – 10/29/16, Saturdays, 9:30am until 12:30pm)
      • Group 8-Week Session Two: 3 hours per week (10/1/16 – 11/19/16, Saturdays, 9:30am until 12:30pm)

    3. Student to Teacher Ratio:
      • 1-to-1 program (1-student and 1-instructor)
      • Small Group program (minimum of 3 students and maximum of 12 students)

    4. Program Includes:
      • 1:1 Program - 2 Practice test, 2-hours or 1.5- hours per week of classroom instruction
      • Group Program - 2 Practice test, Six - 3 hour classroom sessions
    5. Location: 
      • All group sessions are held at our office site (946 Washington St., Dorchester)
      • One-to-one sessions have the option of being held at our office site or “off” site (i.e. local library, community center, or in-home).
  • ACLC’s ISEE and SSAT test prep classes prepare students to achieve test scores that are necessary for admission into the state’s most respected schools. 95% of the students who complete our ISEE/SSAT prep course are admitted into reputable public, private, and independent schools.

    • Sliding Scale

      We offer sliding scale prices, call to see if you qualify (a limited number of slots are available).

    • Scholarships

      We offer student scholarships toward our “on-site” group programming tutorial services (a limited number of slots are available).

  • Have a Question about ISEE/SSAT Pricing?

    Give our office a call.